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Texas Electricity

There is no doubt that the deregulation of the electric supply industry in the US, particularly in Texas, has brought about the tight competition among several electric suppliers. As a result, consumers are enjoying their right to choose the electric provider they will have. This is a great development and can definitely benefit the consumers. Considering the number of Texas electricity providers around, the decision of which company to choose has become a bit more difficult to make. If you are trying to figure out which electric company will best suit you, make a comparison of all your options and see who has the better deals for you.

Texas Electricity

Texas Electricity Companies

The first thing you should do is find a list of all the Texas electricity companies in your particular area. You can get this list from the Public Utility Commission of Texas or the Association of Electric Companies of Texas. Once you have obtained the list, get your most recent electric bill and check the rate that your current electric company is charging you. Take a look at the rates being offered by the other electric companies on your list and compare the rates to your current electric rate. When making this kind of comparison, use the rate per kilowatt hour because this is where electric companies differ a lot.

Texas Electricity

Texas Electricity Rates

It is also important that you know how Texas electricity rates are determined. You have to understand that a fixed rate pricing schedule implies that you are going to be paying the same electric rate for the duration of your contract with the company. On the other hand, a variable rate plan may vary every month based on how your electric company supplies electricity. Some electric companies use certain formulas to determine the rates you will be charged every month, and this is the indexed rate plan. It is always recommended that you go for fixed rate plans as these will protect you from constantly changing electric rates.

Each Texas electricity provider has their own terms and conditions for their services. It is important also that you read through these details before you get into any contract with a particular electric company. Be aware also that some providers require a fixed term contract, which means that you are not going to be free to shift to another electric company until your contract ends. However, there are some better companies that will let you change electric companies if you want to, without imposing any penalty on you.

Very few consumers believe in the power of negotiating when it comes to looking for the best deals and packages. Considering the fact that there are quite a lot of Texas electricity companies, it is reasonable to believe that these companies will be willing to do anything to get the trust of the consumers. With that being said, it can be to your benefit to discuss with your present electric company the terms and the rates that other companies are offering you. You should know that it is also your right as a consumer to ask for a rate reduction on your Texas electricity.


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