Texas Electricity Prices Have Skyrocketed, But Homeowners Can Easily Save Money By Switching Online.

Quickly and easily learn how to save money on your Texas electricity bill by switching online and receive travel reward points towards a cruise.

Dallas, TX (PRWeb) December 13, 2006 --

Have you ever wondered why your Texas electricity bill is so high? So did the good people at SuperCheapElectricity.com, and they have discovered a quick and easy way most Texans can save money one their electricity bill.

"We've found that by simply switching from your current electricity provider that you can save up to 16% on your cost of electricity without doing anything else," says Ward Miller (founder of SuperCheapElectricity.com), "but what I'm really excited about is that when consumers switch they can also receive travel reward points that can be redeemed for trips and cruises."

The average consumer can expect to save money and qualify for a cruise usually in 18 - 36 months. In a single a year many homes will save over $250 and it only takes a couple of minutes to switch online.

"Even the mayor of Houston went on a local news station and reminded people of the potential savings that are immediately available to them by switching their electricity company to a company with a lower rate," said Miller.

"Everyone needs to understand that nothing changes, except their bill is less," continued Miller, "your lights don't burn a different color, the electricity lines to your house don't change, the same people who read your meter and fix your power lines in an outage stay the same. The only changes are a lower electric bill and who sends you your monthly bill, it just doesn't get much better than this."

SuperCheapElectricity.com provides an attractive, reliable option for your Texas electricity needs. Promising outstanding value, excellent service and a personal touch like you've never encountered.

As a customer, you can expect a unique experience. You'll save money on your monthly energy bill. You'll participate in one of the most incredible customer reward programs in the industry. And you'll enjoy a level of personalized service like nothing you've ever experienced from a utility company.

SuperCheapElectricity.com makes it easy to become a customer with a discount electricity provider. There's no complicated paperwork to fill out, no cost to switch, and no deposit with approved credit. Simply complete an easy, online order form and the rest is taken care of for you.

SuperCheapElectricity.com (www.supercheapelectricity.com) can easily help you switch your Texas electricity provider at no cost, help you start saving money, and get you started earning travel reward points immediately. For those who switch soon there is also a free gift of a 3 day 2 night stay at some very nice hotels across the country.


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